If you're interested in Blogger template hacking-via-javascript, be sure to check out Google's AJAX Search API. While its home on Code contains a bunch of interesting sample apps for learning and tinkering, Google Engineer Mark Lucovsky recently published an ajaxy, bloggy playground on BlogSpot: http://ajaxsearch.blogspot.com/

Notable stuff:
  • the sidebar's "Google Search" field searches multiple indexes (Web and BlogSearch), as well as individual sites (in this case the AJAX Search API blog, the Google blog and www.blogger.com) - you can customize all of these things
  • the sidebar's "Video Search" field displays (and plays!) results inline
  • links in the main blog section can dynamically link directly into the sidebar's embedded Map and Video boxes (try clicking the 'Sakana' and 'Jimi Hendrix' links)
Mark's post on the API's blog has further details about the tweaks and integrations.

If you whip up something nifty on your Blogger blog using the AJAX Search API, post about it and link to this post, so we can see it in the Backlinks. Thanks!

Update #2: