Hi Bloggers!

Last week, we launched Dynamic Views in an effort to make it easier for readers to enjoy and discover your posts. You responded. As of today, hundreds of thousands of blogs have changed their blog template to Dynamic Views. The clear favorite appears to be Magazine, with Classic running a close second.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to provide their feedback, and let you know that in the last week we’ve made the following improvements:
  • Added more emphasis to search results with Magazine & Timeslide
  • Improved the preservation of image position within the full post
  • Enabled JavaScript support within posts
  • Fixed the issue that sometimes resulted in continuously spinning gears after clicking a link
  • Turned on support for Archive pages
The other big pieces of feedback we’ve heard have been around gadget support and customization. The good news is...both are on the way! Since Dynamic Views uses HTML5, Javascript and CSS3, our existing library of gadgets is being rewritten to function in this new environment. We’ll be introducing the first set of gadgets very soon, so stay tuned!

With respect to customization, we realize that many bloggers have invested lots of time and effort to personalize their blog with custom background, fonts, etc. We plan to enable similar customization of Dynamic View templates via the Template Designer in the very near future.

Our plan is to continue to introduce updates and improvements as quickly as we can. Thanks again for your feedback, and we’re happy to hear that you’re enjoying Dynamic Views!

Happy blogging.

Bruce Polderman, Product Manager