Besides an exciting update to the Blogger in Draft testing ground, we’ve also made a few updates to the rest of Blogger. Here’s a quick summary of the latest changes, hot off the press:

Comment Notifications enabled by default on new blogs

We think it’s important to stay in touch with the activity on your blog, so we’ve turned on the comment notification setting by default for all new bogs. We’ll send an email to the  address associated with your Blogger account with each new comment from your readers.

Your old blogs won’t be affected at all, and if you’d like to enable or disable comment notification at any point, you can easily do so from the Settings | Comments tab.

Picasa albums created automatically (if needed)

We hope you are already aware that when you upload an image from Blogger, it gets added automatically your Picasa Web Albums account in an album dedicated to your blog. This means that any image you upload from Blogger will be available to view, edit, and share when you login to Picasa.

Should you delete the album associated with your blog for any reason, we’ve made an update which will now create a new album automatically so you can continue to upload images to Picasa.

Upload Image button added to Edit HTML mode
(Blogger in Draft only)

We heard lots of feedback recently about how you’d like to be able to upload an image in the post editor’s Edit HTML mode, so we’ve added it into the new post editor’s toolbar with today’s release. You’ll see it right now if you go into the post editor. Hopefully this saves you a few extra clicks next time you need to add images to your posts.

And lastly, a bug fix

Many of you let us know via the forum that <img> tags for images uploaded in the new post editor weren’t closing correctly, which was causing formatting problems in your post. We’ve corrected that problem in this release, and now <img> tags are closing as they should.

Thanks for letting us know!

Google Apps users have been asking for Blogger and now, with our recently launched infrastructure improvement, they can use Blogger for free with their Google Apps accounts. We're excited to provide Apps users with this great tool to have their voices heard on the web.

Google Apps is Google's suite of cloud-based messaging and collaboration web apps used by more than 30 million users in small businesses, large enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations around the world. If your organization hasn't gone Google yet, you can learn more about how to lower IT costs and improve productivity and collaboration at

For those Blogger users who have a Google Apps account, if your administrator has already transitioned your organization to the new infrastructure, you can now use Blogger by signing in at with your existing Apps account.

For more details, read the complete post on the Google Enterprise blog and follow all the updates on other newly available services from Google Apps users.