FeedBurner users - we just added a feature for you. Matt's post on the FeedBurner blog explains it more fully, but in short, you can now specify a URL to which Blogger will redirect your feed's traffic. This means you'll no longer have some subscribers getting your Blogger-hosted feed while others get your FeedBurner feed, and your subscriber count should (as a result) be more accurate.

To enable this functionality, visit your blog's Settings | Site Feed page, and enter your feed's address in the "Post Feed Redirect URL" field.


Note: this feature isn't limited to FeedBurner alone - you can use any feed-mashing service (like Pipes) with it.

As of today, the Polls feature has graduated from Blogger in Draft, and is now an official Page Element on! Polls lets you add a poll to your blog's sidebar, which your visitors can vote on and see results. This video shows how to create a poll:


For more information about the Polls feature, see these posts on the Draft blog.

Our friends at Twitter just released a nifty new web badge, which you can use to easily display your Twitter updates in your blog's sidebar:

(if you're unfamiliar with Twitter, its FAQ states that, "Twitter is a community of friends and strangers from around the world sending updates about moments in their lives. Friends near or far can use Twitter to remain somewhat close while far away. Curious people can make friends. Bloggers can use it as a mini-blogging tool. Developers can use the API to make Twitter tools of their own. Possibilities are endless!")