Today's Notable Blog is our One Thousandth - hurrah! For the curious, this Buzz post delightfully tells of Blogs of Note's history; in Ev's words it's:
"a simple, ongoing, irregularly updated list of blogs [we]'ve happened to come across and found interesting for one reason or another. This reason need not be substantial. It could be [we] liked a particular post. It could be the blog seems to have good writing, or good design, or original content or concept, or [we] just like the name."
Since re-launching Blogs of Note over a year ago, we've done a pretty good job of publishing a new one each day; of course this is entirely thanks to you all for creating such great blogs - keep up the great work!

Lately they've ranged from cooking (breakfast, a single dad's kitchen) to travel/outdoors (Alaska, Dubai, Australia) to music to documentary to international awareness - and that's just in the past 10. For more, check out the 5+ year archive at, and here's to the next thousand!

Our friends Anupama and Nitin have posted on the Google blog about the Hindi transliteration feature that they added to Blogger:
Enabling the transliteration option allows you to type out Hindi words using phonetically equivalent English script, and see the words getting transformed into the corresponding Devanagari script. The plus is that you now don't need to learn complicated mappings from English alphabet combinations to Hindi letters. That means you really don't need to worry about WeiRD UpPerCasEing to get the right Hindi spellings.
To get started, enable Hindi transliteration here (or by going to Settings > Basic). We have a help article explaining how it works, and a thread on the Blogger Help Group to talk about it.

Here at Blogger we believe that everyone all over the world should be able to express themselves online. When our attempt to translate into “love” (a supposedly universal language) failed, we decided to take the more effective route of translating our interface into rather more literal languages.

Today we've unveiled Blogger translated into: Nederlands, Türkçe, Dansk, Norsk, Svenska, suomi, Русский, and ภาษาไทย. This is in addition to the eleven language choices we already offer, bringing the total to 19!

To change the language in which you use Blogger, go to our Choose a Language page. To change your blog’s language, go to Settings > Formatting.