The folks at Cordless/WMG recently launched three awesome Blogger-powered blogs for their bands Dangerous Muse, Throw the Fight and Die Mannequin. Aside from their fantastic designs, they've done a number of neat-o template integrations with other Google services like YouTube, Calendar, Picasa Web Albums and Reader.

A bit from Wikipedia:
"Dangerous Muse are an American electropop duo based in New York. The duo comprises vocalist Mike Furey and Keyboardist/Programmer Tom Napack, often depicted using a Keytar... The duo originally met in 2003 through a mutual friend during the production of The Who's Tommy at Fordham University in New York."

"Die Mannequin is an Alternative rock / sleaze rock trio from Toronto, Canada fronted by 20 year old guitar player and singer Care Failure. Rising from the ashes of Failure's first four-piece band "The Bloody Mannequins", Die Mannequin started in the spring of 2006 when Failure recorded her first EP, How to Kill, on which she sang and played bass and guitar because she didn't have a permanent band at that time."
... and on Throw the Fight:
"Throw The Fight is an aggressively driven, five-piece rock band hailing from Minneapolis, MN. Always trying to define their identity in the "it´s already been done" world of music, the members of Throw The Fight are holding their heads high and are forging a name for themselves all across the country."

Check 'em out!

Dangerous Muse -

Die Mannequin -

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Of course, FTP publishing is still available if you'd like to do your own hosting, but using a custom domain gives you a ton of advantages:
  • Simpler to set up. You don’t have to muck around with FTP paths and file names.
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Using Blogger's custom domains is a simple way to start serving your blog on your own domain without having to deal with the hassle of transferring the files to a separate web host.