We just heard from the Ozzie developers at bluepulse that they've whipped up a Blogger widget for their mobile phone platform; here are a few details from their post about it:
  • Supports HTML, so you can link to a site, another post, or another blog from your post
  • Supports multiple Blogger blogs.
  • Create a new post, or edit an existing post from the widget and republish it
  • Save a post as a draft and then edit and publish it from the widget or your desktop later
Check it out!

Chelsea Peretti is funny lady who likes pictures of cheese (judging by her blog, anyway). I also recommend her latest video, Roadtrip.

Did you see the Netherlands/Portugal game on Sunday? Wow, not exactly Joga Bonito with a record number of cards given out in a World Cup game. If you missed it, don't worry, the blogosphere has lit up with World Cup fever. Traditional media moguls like the BBC Sport and The New York Times have their reporters commenting in blog form, not to mention the flood of colorful photo collages like World Cup Blog. What will happen to these blogs when the tournament is over? I guess we'll see.

Great article in Wired News about how homeless folks can use blogging to reach out and express themselves online. I never thought about how important it would be to get homeless people email access, but it makes obvious sense when you realize that they have no fixed address.

Check out this post by CJ, who's already integrated Google's AJAX Search API into his Blogger blog:
"A little HTML, a little CSS, and a little Javascript should do the trick. In my HTML, I used two divs, and a link to clear the results. One div is the search control div, and the other is a wrapper for the search control div. I put it near the bottom of my html files so it appears on top of the content on each page. Here's how it looks:"
    <div id="searchControlWrapper">
<a href="#" id="clearLink"
<div id="searchControl"/>
You can play with it by searching for keywords like java and ajax in the searchbox in his blog's upper-right corner.