Way back in — one might say — the “D” “A” “Y,” when Blogger was made by Pyra, before Ev forgot how to read, and most people hadn’t heard about these new “web-enabled Internet log pages” (aren’t you glad people stopped calling them that?), there was the Blog of the Week. But it was a pain to keep updating.

So, Ev went and made a new thing, Blogs of Note, and added it to the Blogger homepage. It was,
[j]ust a simple, ongoing, irregularly updated list of blogs I've happened to come across and found interesting for one reason or another. This reason need not be substantial. It could be I liked a particular post. It could be the blog seems to have good writing, or good design, or original content or concept, or I just like the name.
Blogs of Note enjoyed a cheerful run on the homepage, showing off the ten most recently noted blogs. Ev chose most of them, with other contributions coming from Jason, Maggie, Olivier, and Anil. Eventually Pyra got bought, and Blogs of Note stayed, with new contributors and an ever-growing pool of awesome Blogger-powered blogs to showcase.

Then, in what was otherwise a grand day for Blogger, the informative and helpful new homepage design kicked Blogs of Note off the home page and onto the Dashboard. Though it still showed off darn nifty blogs (including this one), Blogs of Note sniffled a bit and cried itself to sleep at nights. Why wasn’t it getting the homepage love it deserved?

Blogs of Note gamely noted on. It waited for its moment, which finally came when an attempt to put a Blog Search box on the Blogger homepage went awry and ended up as Explore Blogs, an overly delightfully-animated look into the most interesting, most recent, and most random blogs on Blogger (plus a search box). Finally, Blogs of Note was given back its spotlight and — so as not to look stale and lame — we kicked it up a notch and started updating it more often, showing off a new noteworthy blog every day.
In the past five years, over seven hundred blogs have appeared on Blogs of Note (at least one of them twice!), yet all anyone has ever seen is the most recent ten. What’s up with that?

Today we’re happy to unveil something new: the Blogs of Note blog (meta!). Now you can see all the blogs we’ve ever blog of noted, going all the way back to 2001. This also means that if you use a feed reader, you can subscribe to the Blogs of Note Atom feed to get the latest delivered to you every day.

We hope you have fun with this combination slice of blogging history/firehose of hot fresh blogs. As a bonus tip, if you run across a blog that you’d like to check out but that’s not there any more, try running it through the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to see if they have a copy.

Channel 4 in UK has launched a site called 121 for fostering dialogue between paired sets of folks, one in the UK and one in another country.

It's like a public penpal session written in blog format. For example, their first blog is written by Steve - a bloke from Coventry - and Mr. Behi who lives in Tehran.

Nice lookin' template there, gents!

Last Friday, Inside Google posted about a Blog*Spot user who had allegedly received an email from Blogger that stated the MSN Search box on his blog constituted a violation of Blogger's Terms of Service. I'd like to clarify a couple of points about this claim:
  1. You have always been able to run non-Google services on your blog. In the same way you can use Yahoo's Flickr to post photos to your blog, you can include an MSN Search box in your template. We consider it a violation of the terms to modify the Blogger navbar, but that's not what was reported to have happened here.

  2. We did not send a request to have the MSN Search box removed. We reviewed the information that's been made available, and we found no such request from our support teams.

  3. We did not delete nor remove the blog in question from Blog*Spot.
Our content policies enable the widest range of expression possible. And we're proud that Blogger users can customize their blogs in the manner that suits them best ... even if that means using another search tool.

Last week at SxSW I met Michael Verdi, who pointed me toward Freevlog, "a step-by-step guide to setting up a videoblog for free."

Definitely check it out if you're interested in adding video to your blog — it features Blogger as well as the Internet Archive, OurMedia, and FeedBurner. Of course, you should also check out Google Video!

More about Freevlog:

You may remember a certain scheduled outage when we removed a particularly hated piece of network equipment from Blogger’s production setup.

Today we finally got our hands on the beast.

Let these photos, and the following limerick, serve as a warning to any other piece of Blogger infrastructure that steps out of line.

There once was a router so crappy
That it made all the Bloggers unhappy
It caused pagers to be beep
And kept us from sleep
So we smashed it on the ground with golf clubs and threw paving stones at it and kicked it and someone filmed part of it but that’s not up yet and then we dropped it off a dumpster and kicked it again and gathered up the parts and sent them to be recycled quite snappy


Live from Club DeVille, Austin

Wow! Thanks very much to everyone who voted for us in the 2006 Weblog Awards. And it wasn't just Blogger picking up the phat lewt at this year's Bloggies. The following Blogger blogs also snagged top prizes:
Congrats to all the winners and nominees.

If you are in the Austin area this evening, head on down to Club de Ville at 6:30p for the Blogger shindig we're hosting at SxSW.

Come have a drink on us and pick up the latest Blogger wearables.


After the "Blogging Brainstorming" panel.


Last week, we announced with Sony Ericsson that their new generation of camera phones will include integration with Blogger.

This week, Blogger engineer Jussi Myllymaki is on the scene at the CeBIT conference in Germany to help with the public unveiling of these 3.2 megapixel sweethearts.

Naturally, Jussi's got a sweet moblog to share snapshots of the futuristic action in Hannover.

Just a small FYI — we've updated Blogger's Profile Editor with a few more places:
  • Serbia and Montenegro
  • Palestinian Territory
  • East Timor

Have you ever tried creating a Blogger blog, and every address you can think of for it is already taken? We just added a 'Check Availability' link on the Create Blog page to suggest available alternatives: