And Blogger users get a special discounted rate. I went to the last one and it was great. This time, the BBS is being held in a palace. An actual palace. The Palace in San Francisco, to be precise. Publish and Prosper August 17-19, 2005.

We have a fix for Blogger users experiencing template woes due to our recent update. First, I'd like to explain what the issue was.

In order to provide the layout options in our newly released Blogger Images we had to wrap all posts in a <div clear:both> tag. For some users this resulted in template formatting issues (even without uploading images). So today we introduced a new setting to suppress that markup.

Please note that suppressing the markup will result in layout problems when using left or right alignment for images. You should only change this setting if you are currently having trouble with normal posts.
    How To Use The Setting
  1. Sign in to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Click the "Change Settings" icon next to your blog
  3. Click "Formatting" under the Settings tab
  4. Choose "No" on "Enable float alignment"
That should do the trick. Thanks for being so patient while we got this figured out and implemented.

Update#2: There is a way to fix the layout problem without using any special code. It is now just a setting in Blogger: Read all about it.

We've got a solution that provides users an easy way to disable the markup that is causing them some layout glitches with their blog. It will allow those who have custom templates and certain older templates to fix their blog up right proper. We're building and testing the solution now and we'll let you know when it is ready.

As mentioned on our status blog, recent updates to Blogger are causing annoying layout problems for some of our users. We are working on the bigger solution for this but in the meantime we've got a quick workaround for what appears to be one of the biggest culprits--the big space at the top of your blog, most notably blogs using the Bluebird template. This workaround requires that you modify your template. Here's how to do it:

Just below the line that says <style> or <style type="text/css"> try adding this:

#main #menu {
position: absolute;
right: 21px;

Then save and republish. This should help with the big space issue. Some modified templates might not respond to this. We'll continue to work on this but let us know ( if this doesn't work for you. Remember to copy and save your template in a text editor before you make any changes and for more information about editing templates visit our Help site.

The reponse to Blogger Images has been huge! There's LOTS of images being posted and we're psyched. Some users did experience a template issue which I just posted about here and we're working that out now. (Keep an eye on the status blog for that.) Otherwise, post 'em if you got 'em. Like so:

Portabella's are $5.00 a pound. How about that?

As you can see by this screenshot of the front page featuring my cat, we have launched Blogger Images. Now you can put a photo (or any JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF or BMP format image) into your blog posts easily and for free. From your hard drive or from the Web. How do you like that? Also, since I can just click a button, here is a photo I took earlier today:

I'm pretty sure local laws require a doctor to be on-site wherever deep fried twinkies are being sold. (If they don't, they should.)

Found via BoingBoing is this blog called Squattercity about squatters and squatter cities around the world. The blogger, Robert Neuwirth, is a writer who spent two years living in squatter communities on four continents and has published a new book called Shadow Cities in an attempt to humanize these maligned settlements.

MIT's running a Weblog Survey, if you've got a few spare minutes.

Jason Mulgrew, is named one of the "50 Hottest Bachelors" of 2005 by People magazine because of his blog, Everything Is Wrong with Me. His blog posts are funny:
When she first asked me, I immediately thought, "This girl wants me to go to a five-hour open bar with her and then we're staying in a hotel room. We are going to have a baby."
He posted the page from the magazine here. People asked him, Why Blog? to which he responded, "I'm better in print than in person." Good stuff.

Here's five links I spotted recently rounded up for your clicking pleasure (in case you didn't spend all week reading blogs).
In other news, I hope to see Batman Begins tonight. Hope it's okay-ish. Goldman seemed to like it but he was hopped up on Reece's Pieces and something he calls "cheery icee" which might be French, I'm not sure.


Doug Savage can't stop drawing chicken cartoons (a good amount of which are funny). So yeah, I thought I should point that out to you.

Webvisions 2005 is July 15 at the Oregon Convention Center. It's a one day conference exploring "the future of design, content creation, technology and business strategy." Join some web thinkers for the day and discover "how the Web is interacting with digital devices to change the way we communicate, access information and do business." I'd like to do that, wouldn't you? Here's an idea: Tell your boss you need to go, take notes, and then share what you have learned with your fellow coworkers. Nice.

Hey! There's this thing tomorrow night at the Apple Store in San Francisco. You should go if you like sharing photos on your blog and you want to learn things and meet nice people.

The EFF has published a legal guide for bloggers.
Freedom of speech is the foundation of a functioning democracy, and Internet bullies shouldn't use the law to stifle legitimate free expression. That's why EFF created this guide, compiling a number of FAQs designed to help you understand your rights and, if necessary, defend your freedom.
(via BoingBoing)


Hosted by KRON/Channel 4, San Francisco.

wikiHow is "a collaborative writing project to build the world's largest how-to manual."

So. Cool.

[via To-Done via Ev]

If you've ever blogged about politics in the US, this might be of some interest to you. The Federal Election Commission is considering rules (Proposed Rules PDF) that would apply federal campaign finance regulations to online speech. The FEC says it wants to regulate only paid advertising on the Internet but the proposed rules seem to go well beyond that. For example:
    Proposed Rules for Bloggers
  • Mandatory disclaimers on political blogs
  • Team blogs must register as a "political committee"
  • Bloggers to file campaign expenditure reports
The Center for Democracy and Technology and the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet at George Washington University have launched a campaign to educate the FEC, and have posted a helpful website where you can learn more and take action.

My former neighborhood of Potrero Hill in San Francisco, CA has its own blog. It's a really nice one too. There's a post about a purse snatching on 20th and Connecticut, another about a free outdoor showing of Spaceballs, and even on-the-street updates about 22nd Street Caltrain Station improvements.

A neighborhood blog is a really cool idea. It'd be neat if all neighborhoods had a blog like this. Then when you're thinking of moving somewhere, you can just Google the neighborhood and get the skinny.

Steven Johnson was a guest on last night's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" to talk about his book Everything Bad Is Good For You. It was something he was really looking forward to and it didn't disappoint. Steven wrote about it in his blog: Behind The Comedy On The Daily Show.

There was a blogging panel at this year's Book Expo America. I kinda wish I had remembered BEA earlier and at least made an attempt to go. There are thousands of exhibits, hundreds of authors, conference sessions, parties, latest titles across genres, and lots of meeting with various publishing people of various sorts and kinds. Plus, it would have been nice to visit with friends in New York. Nevertheless, these bloggers went.
So there you have it. At least blogging was in the house.

I just discovered something lame. You can only insert hyperlinks from your Internet Explorer Favorites or History when you are composing a rich-text email with Entourage. What if you don't use Internet Explorer? What if you haven't already visited the page you want to link to? That's crazy. This affects Mail-to-Blogger users who use Entourage to update their blog and want to put hyperlinks in their posts because of the way Blogger handles HTML in Mail-to-Blogger. Not sure how many users we're talking about here. It might just be the one guy who emailed me but, still. It's a fact.

Gavin Bate who has been blogging while climbing Everest on a solo bid in aid of Moving Mountains children's charity (we posted about him here) has summitted Everest! He even left an Audioblogger message from near the top.
As a deflated Gavin prepared to make his descent he noticed a slight change in the winds and decided to wait and see how things would unfold. That night the clouds cleared and the winds dropped and it was all back on again.
Good work on that.

His name is Kai Chang and he's an autoblogger user. "You have a life. AutoBlogger helps you live it." Funny.