There have been some good questions sent in about the new Flag feature. One thing we've seen is the worry that blogs could be removed because of accidental or repeated voting. Or even just because some people considered a blog to be distasteful. There a couple reasons why this won't happen.

From a technical standpoint, we are able to detect when multiple votes come from the same source. We prevent against ballot box stuffing.

But most importantly, we're not automatically removing content based on the flags. We're using the feedback from Blog*Spot readers to help assess what the community has noted as potentially objectionable.

In the cases where objectionable content has been identified, the most common action is for the support team to "delist" the blog. This simply means that the blog is not promoted in areas of like Recently Updated - but it's still viewable on the web. The content is not blocked or removed in anyway when the blog is delisted.

To clarify, our primary concern is to avoid promoting objectionable content in places like NextBlog or the Dashboard. In no way are we automatically removing such content.